Tango dj Robert K!

I am experienced  tdj.

Without a doubt Addicted to Tango. My adventure with tango lasts for 11 years and I am sure that tango will remain my passion. I am a frequent Tdj in milongas, marathons and festivals around Poland. I was also invited to play at tango events in Italy, Sweden, Spain, Latvia and Germany. The number of events on which I played music exceeds 300

My style of playing is a result of several years of searching and experimenting. I play traditional tangos selecting music to create a very good mood on the milongas.

I had the pleasure to play at events, at which hosted contemporary tango orchestras and ensembles; Sexteto Milonguero, OT Misteriosa Buenos Aires, Tanghetto, Perfume de Mujer, Duo Ranas, Roberto Siri Quinteteo.”

10 years ago I was started with my first regular milonga in Warsaw – „Monday Milonga”.  Since two years I have new milonga project – „Milonga Tu i Teraz” (Milonga Here and Now). I organised two concert of Roberto Siri Quinteto in Poland in 2017.

In my dj working I use:

– Laptop Dell Inspiron
– MacBook Air or iPad as a backup
– External sound card Focusrite Scarlett Solo
– AIMP 4.51.2080
– EZ CD Audio Converter
95% of my music is in FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec)