Osmar Maderna

  Osmar Maderna – very often called in Buenos Aires as „Chopin of Tango” Osmar Hector Maderna, was born on On February 26, 1918 in Pehuajó (Buenos Aires) Argentina, he died in a plane crash on April 28, 1951. Pianist, composer, arranger and conductor. His musical activity began when, at the age of thirteen, he founded the Vitaphone band with local musicians. In 1938 he went to Buenos Aires, where as a solist was performing in radio stations playing classical music and tango. He also played with the little-known orchestra of Manuel „Nolo” Fernández In the years 1941 – 1945 Czytaj więcej

Tango dj Robert K!

I am experienced  tdj. Without a doubt Addicted to Tango. My adventure with tango lasts for 11 years and I am sure that tango will remain my passion. I am a frequent Tdj in milongas, marathons and festivals around Poland. I was also invited to play at tango events in Italy, Sweden, Spain, Latvia and Germany. The number of events on which I played music exceeds 300 My style of playing is a result of several years of searching and experimenting. I play traditional tangos selecting music to create a very good mood on the milongas. I had the pleasure Czytaj więcej

Alma De Bohemio

Tango from 1914. Composed by Roberto Firpo with lyrics by Juan Andrés Caruso. Performed by a lot of the best tango orchestras. Francisco Canaro (1927, 1930), OTV (1929), Rodolfo Biagi (1939), Pedro Laurenz (1943), Alberto Castillo ( 1946), Francini-Pontier (1946), Ricardo Tanturi (1947), Roberto Firpo (1947), Angel D’Agostino (1947), Osvaldo Pugliese (1958), Miguel Calo (1961, 1965), Jose Libertella (1962),  Anibal Troilo (1965), Mariano Mores (1967), Alfredo De Angelis (1980). In both instrumental and singing versions. Alberto Podesta was a one of the best performer of this tango. He performed this tango with a few different orchestras: Pedro Laurenz – 1943 Czytaj więcej